Jaydon Adams, sometimes known as Jayboy or the Dos, was a proud young man from

the Mardigan people of South West Queensland.

The youngest of four children, he was much loved by family and friends. Tragically, Jaydon lost his life in a car accident, but his spirit and passion for life will continue through this Memorial established in his honour.

Jaydon had a passion for his people, a dedication to his culture, infectious charisma and warmth and a desire to always do better.

Jaydon's involvement in Aboriginal Community Controlled Health began with his completion of a school based traineeship in Aboriginal Primary Health Care. He continued in this role and participated as the inaugural NACCHO Youth Leadership delegate for Queensland; he was the male Youth Ambassador to the inaugural NACCHO male Health Ochre Day and was a member of the Queensland Indigenous Youth Leadership program.

Jaydon found his niche working as an Aboriginal Health Worker at Goolburri Aboriginal Health Advancement. He had discovered his passion and set about enhancing the health status of his people in any way he could.

Jaydon also excelled at football, playing for the Brothers Club in Toowoomba before being recruited to the Ipswich Jets to play for Colts. Like many young men, he had an NRL dream; we will never know if he would have made it, but we do know he was on the right track. Jaydon used his place in these teams to promote the interests of his people by educating his team mates, coaches and management about Aboriginal Culture and the need to close the gap on disadvantage.

Jaydon's life was cut short, but he was a remarkable young man and his contribution to youth participation in Aboriginal health at all levels will live on. NACCHO has determined that the maiden speech every Ochre Day now be known as the 'Jaydon Adams Oration', and will be delivered by a young person.

Our dream is to keep Jaydon's dreams for his people alive. Through the establishment of this foundation we hope to enhance awareness for prevention and response to the negative effects of drug and alcohol use and abuse amongst Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people.

With monies raised from our fundraising and bursaries we have endeavour to create, promote, support and advance opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

We are also committed to following Jaydon's passion to enhance and promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage and positive identity formation amongst Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth.

Together we can make a difference within our communities - together we can make Jaydon's dreams a reality.