Bringing Back Dignity Program

  1. Reconnect to Culture

  2. Refine Culture

  3. Rebuild Culture

  4. Restore Culture

  5. Respect Culture

Sports & Recreation

Social Emotional Wellbeing Program

Community Engagement & Advocacy

  • Holistic Approach

  • Strictly Maintaining Confidentiality

  • Access and support to other services

  • Independent Support

  • Family Support

Cultural Safety Training

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander

  • History

  • Current

  • Future

Based on lived Experiences

Enhance your understanding and skills when addressing and interacting with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in a culturally safe and sensitive manner.

Cultural Acceptance Training (coming soon)

Trauma Informed training for non-Indigenous professionals. Learn how to engage with Aboriginal people using Ancient Aboriginal Philosophy frameworks.

Mental Health First Aider Training

  • Aboriginal Mental Health First Aider Training

  • Youth Mental Health First Aider Training

  • Blended Online Tertiary Mental Health First Aider Training